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BEEBAD, a Mater Mediterranea brand, known for being the first premium energy drink made in Italy and sweetened exclusively with honey, decides to continue its path of internationalization and innovation by investing in Mkers, a major player in the most important e-sport competitions.

This choice is underpinned by a common focus on well-being, daily performance and healthy way of living, both in social life and in sports or e-sports.

Paolo Cisaria, Mkers CEO and Founder: “We are proud that BEEBAD chose Mkers as their exclusive e-sports partner for the upcoming season. We hope to live up to expectations and return the right value to our new partner. A product that is made in Italy and exclusively composed by natural and healthy ingredients seemed the best way to tell our vision of e-sports athletes, while also supporting the social impact that gaming has on new generations, an issue that Makers has always been particularly sensitive to.”

Paolo Maria Romano, CEO of MATER MEDITERRANEA “We decided to become Mkers Official Energy Drink for some simple reasons. First, BEEBAD is a high quality product and we always try to collaborate with leading names in their respective industries. Moreover, we believe that eSports is a discipline that is rapidly getting closer to the “traditional” sports model. Thanks to its athletes, Mkers team opens up to new challenges on a daily basis and this is something that makes the team perfect for our company. We both try to propel hearts over obstacles and conquer new victories, both in gaming and in the energy drink market. This will be easier, now that we are together. BEEBAD will give players energy and concentration to face your new challenges and we are honoured to enter the world of e-sports from the main door, that of MKERS”.